Connecting People to People

neighbor2neighborpicNeighbor to Neighbor

Neighbor to Neighbor is a ministry that calls on members and friends to work with people in the community on any number of smaller, manual labor tasks. Our biggest effort with the "Neighbor To Neighbor" ministry happens in the autumn. During the fall days our goal is to help our neighbors and friends in and around North Conway to be a little better prepared for the cold winters that arrive in the post-Thanksgiving days. Year-round, "Neighbor to Neighbor" is ready to respond to emergency type situations. There is a process to serve on a team that works on the tasks, and one for those who wish to seek help . Learn more about the ins and outs of "Neighbor to Neighbor" by contacting council member Paul.

 communitymealpicCommunity Meal

The monthly community meal has been a wonderful opportunity to sit together and to enjoy delicious food. The third Sunday of the month, following the worship service, members and friends gather downstairs for a nourishing spread that always knocks everyone's socks off. Volunteers take turns to ensure the meal goes off without a hitch. Typically, one person will oversee one meal per year. The leader gets to choose the meal's theme, and the rest of the congregation eagerly steps forward to add what they can to the meal's success. Visiting Nativity on the third Sunday of the month, and enjoying the fellowship of the Community Meal, is a GREAT way to get a sense of the Nativity Lutheran spirit. Please come! To learn more about the community meal, contact Karen.


If you'd like to view our monthly newsletter, please contact Carol at the church office and she'll send one along to you either through email or through the USPS.

youthpicYouth and Education

We are a small congregation, but we make every effort to see to it that all people of all ages are engaged in the minsitry of God here in North Conway.

Nativity's youth trekked to Houston for the most recent National Youth Gathering and they participate in every aspect of the worship service as readers, musicians, and ushers. We have younger people who are involved in Sunday School and Confirmation instruction. We have adults ready each Sunday to play with younger guests in the nursery.

As for learning opportunities, the primary focus here is the worship service each week. Through excellent music, creative litanies, and engaging sermons, people of all ages grow more deeply in faith. Nativity is truly an intergenerational faith community with a heart for helping everyone see where God is working in their lives. We have a weekly Bible Study each Tuesday morning at Calumet (1090 Ossipee Lake Rd, Freedom, NH). There are learning opportunites which gather God's people around the table in Nativity's Ministry Center. To learn more about these and other opportunties contact council member Gay.

 ministryteamspicOngoing Ministry Teams

As with every congregation, there are groups of people who gather together on a regular basis to see to it that all of the typical work of the congregation is done. Finance, Worship, Property, Fellowship, Stewardship -- not only does important work get done, but we grow together as faithful friends of Nativity. There is always a need for help, for ideas, and for feedback. To learn more about how to participate, contact council member Jen.

Thrivent2 Thrivent Action Teams

Thrivent Financial is a wonderful company that has representatives all over the country who offer financial services of all kinds to anyone who needs that help. Retirement planning, insurance needs, investment strategies -- nearly anything you can imagine. There are lots of Thrivent members in the congregation. One of the resources a Thrivent members enjoys is something called an Action Team. Twice a year, a member may apply for $250 in seed money to get a ministry off the ground. It's a wonderful blessing. If you are a member or friend of Nativity and want to apply for an Action Team, click ACTION TEAM . If you are interested in learning about Thrivent Financial and how it might help you and your own planning, contact Finance Team member and local Thrivent Representative Sarah.